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Annalee Sport Dolls

Bring competition to the next level with our collection of Annalee Sport Dolls. From youth basketball and soccer to baseball, fishing and even a ballerina, our selection of sports-themed dolls is perfect for the athlete in your life. Share the love of the sporting life with all those you love with the Annalee Doll sports collection.

Annalee Ballerina Bunny 2016 view details $25.00

Annalee Ballerina Bunny 2016

Annalee Ballerina Bunny 2016

Annalee Fishin Kid - Doll Society Logo 1995 view details $23.00

Annalee Fishin Kid - Doll Society Logo 1995

From 1995, Annalee's Fishing Kid is a keepsake for the fall season. The design features one of Annalee's signature kids leaning against a colorful autumn tree. From the exclusive Doll Society, this selection's base is embellished with the logo and the year of creation.

Annalee Sports Enthusiast 1998 view details $50.00

Annalee Sports Enthusiast 1998

Obviously athletic, Annalee's doll is a clear sports enthusiast. The design showcases a little boy in roller skates holding skis, a hockey stick, and a baseball bat. Honor the athlete in your life with an Annalee doll from 1998.