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Annalee Human Figure Dolls

The varied expressions featured on Annalee human figures are bright, expressive and always loads of fun! Annalee brings the human race to fantasy life with human figures for Christmas, Thanksgiving and just for all around good cheer. All of the faces may vary, some captured in a sly wink, others with surprised mouths - but every one is a delight.

Annalee Dashing Groom 1997 view details $75.00

Annalee Dashing Groom 1997

A certain debonair flair details Annalee's Dashing Groom. From 1997, this vintage doll is handsomely attired in black and white. Vivid red accents lend a splash of color.

Annalee Joseph Child 1995 view details $80.00

Annalee Joseph Child 1995

Biblical inspiration details Annalee's Joseph Child. Recalling the famous Bible story, the design is a beautiful addition to holiday decor. Annalee's 1995 doll is mounted on a covered base.

Annalee Rogers Store Couple Museum Collection 1997 view details $145.00

Annalee Rogers Store Couple Museum Collection 1997

From Annalee's Museum Collection, this exquisitely detailed doll is a true vintage collectible. The design has soft yellow yarn hair and a pretty expression. Beautiful seamstress skill creates the pale pink dress.