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Annalee Gingerbread Dolls

Unlock the magic of the holiday season with our collection of Annalee Gingerbread Dolls. From our Santas baking up the Christmas treat to our real-life Gingerbread Men doing some of their own baking, our collection will bring the holidays to life in your home.

Annalee Gingerbread Chef Ornament 2017 - 4" view details $16.00

Annalee Gingerbread Chef Ornament 2017 - 4"

The Annalee Gingerbread Chef Ornament for 2017 is sure to be a sellout! Measuring 4" tall, this lovable gingerbread chef holds a candy cane. His big chef hat is decorated with holiday greenery. Facial expression may vary. Comes with a gold thread for hanging.