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Annalee Christmas 2018

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Discover the irresistible and collectible whimsy of Annalee Dolls. Playfully crafted into true keepsakes, these soft felt dolls feature an assortment of seasonal themes. The unique dolls are magically fashioned into charming elves, mice, bunnies and so much more. Explore the fun in home decorating with a colorful display of Annalee dolls.

Annalee's dolls are meant to be showcased year after year. The dolls are created with a flexible wire framed body and dressed in rich fabrics. Whether acquiring a prized vintage doll or a new collectible, these expressive Annalee dolls always bring an appreciative smile. Browse through Annalee's beloved Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween gifts to find the perfect doll for any home and any season.