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Annalee Snowmen Dolls

These merry Annalee snowmen are created by Annalee Mobilitee Dolls. Each features a unique silkscreened face & unique accessories. All of the fabrics used in the designs are hand selected for beauty & quality. Perfect for giving as a Christmas gift or just using in holiday decorations, the Annalee Snowmen are a classic collectible. Add the magic of Annalee into the heart & home.

Annalee Holly Berry Snowman - 15" view details $45.00

Annalee Holly Berry Snowman - 15"

Dancing with joy, the Annalee Holly Berry Snowman is a cool fellow! Measures 15" tall and wears a nice corduroy scarf and has holly accents on his top hat and wheat broom.

Annalee Peppermint Chef Snowman - 9" view details $20.00

Annalee Peppermint Chef Snowman - 9"

The Annalee Peppermint Chef Snowman is in the kitchen, and snowflakes are on the menu! Measuring 5" tall, this cute little snowman wears a peppermint patterned apron and chef's hat.

Annalee Red Jolly Lolli Snowman - 9" view details $25.00

Annalee Red Jolly Lolli Snowman - 9"

Greetings! The Annalee Jolly Lolli Snowman for 2015 is a happy fellow sporting a fancy Lolli patterned vest and a cute wheat broom. 9" tall.

Annalee Classic Snowman 2009 view details $49.00

Annalee Classic Snowman 2009

Annalee's snowmen bring a favorite outdoor winter pastime indoors. Charmingly handcrafted, Annalee's Classic Snowman measures 15 inches in height. The design is accented with all the seasonal trimmings of a real snowman.

Annalee Snowman Ornament 1996 view details $25.00

Annalee Snowman Ornament 1996

Cheery inspiration crafts Annalee's Snowman Ornament. From 1996's Christmas Collection, the ornament is a special collectible for true collectors. The warm wintry scarf and black top hat make this a classic.