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Annalee Santa Claus Dolls

The favorite character of the Christmas holiday- the jolly Annalee Santa Claus is featured here in all his holiday grandeur. Dressed in different shades of plush velvet & velour, each Santa Claus has a silkscreened face. The accessories for Santa include sleighs, gingerbread houses, & candy canes. This Annalee Collection also includes the charming Mrs. Claus & much more. Perfect for brightening up the home for the Christmas party of the year! Browse through our complete line of Annalee gifts for the heart & home.

Annalee Herr Kringle 1998 view details $80.00

Annalee Herr Kringle 1998

Herr Kringle handsomely wears vintage inspired clothing for a woodsy presentation. The faux fur accents add texture and muted color. Evergreen trees are added to the base for detail.

Annalee Herr Kringle 1999 view details $80.00

Annalee Herr Kringle 1999

Classic charm embellishes a truly collectible Annalee Santa Claus. This keepsake is designed with old-world whimsy. From the evergreen accents to the bag of gifts he carries, this Annalee doll will be cherished for years to come.

Annalee McNicholas 1998 view details $90.00

Annalee McNicholas 1998

Scotland's Santa Claus makes a pleasingly cultural display in the home. From his ruddy cheeks to his red beard, this unique Santa Claus is a true collectible. The craggy accent on the base and tartan plaid adds an instantly recognizable theme.

Annalee Mrs. Gift of Gold 2000 view details $80.00

Annalee Mrs. Gift of Gold 2000

A touch of opulence adds lustre to Annalee's Mrs. Claus. The handcrafted design offers gold accents on the dress and wrapping paper for sparkle. Embellish home decor this Christmas season with Annalee's Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Annalee Mrs. Old World Santa 1994 view details $35.00

Annalee Mrs. Old World Santa 1994

Homespun sweetness inspires the Mrs. Old World Santa. From 1994, this item is genuine keepsake from the archives of Annalee. For the collector, this unusual Christmas gift is an esteemed collectible.

Annalee Mrs. Old World Santa 1996 view details $35.00

Annalee Mrs. Old World Santa 1996

Festively holding a frosty evergreen wreath, Mrs. Old World Santa is a jolly addition to seasonal decor. The doll was made by Annalee in 1996. Her shearling coat and hood add a warm and outdoorsy appearance.

Annalee Santa w/Cardholder Sack 1994 view details $120.00

Annalee Santa w/Cardholder Sack 1994

Santa takes a step out of his traditional garb to wear a handsome outfit while maintaining his unmistakable personality. The festively garnished vest features holiday florals and greenery. The patched card holder adds homespun charm.