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Annalee Reindeer Dolls

Ideal for using in holiday decorations, the Annalee Collection of fawns & deer are just the thing to add a little whimsy to your home. Embellished with wreaths, mistletoe, & chiming bells, these collectibles have become a tradition in the American home. Each Annalee Doll is created with a wire body so that they may be posed in arrangements year after year. Hand selected fabrics & skillfully painted faces create the distinctiveness that is signature Annalee.

Annalee Autumn Deer 2013 - 8" view details $25.00 $18.75

Annalee Autumn Deer 2013 - 8"

Handsome antlers top off Annalee's autumn deer. Fancifully crafted with a burlap saddle, his saddle bags overflow with polished apples. A regal wreath of fall leaves circles the deer's neck.

Facial expressions may vary from the image shown.